About Turning Creek Artisans

Turning Creek Artisans pasture Nestled on the banks of Timpson Creek, along 76 West, the home of Turning Creek Artisans and the main apiary and honey house, Bob and Jan operate three additional apiaries located in Rabun County. Other locations include:

  • 12 Spies Winery and Farm
  • The Old School Community Gardens -- Our demonstration hives
  • Mashburn Farms

There is little commercial agriculture immediately surrounding our apiaries, instead, the hives are surrounded by beautiful pastures and forests, meaning our bees are exposed to less commercial pesticides and therefore producing a cleaner honey. Turning Creek Honey Apiary Further our hive practices follow Integrated Pest Management (IPM) guidelines. So our honey remains pure just the way the bees intended.

Our honey is bottled by apiary location to ensure the truest and strongest favors - never blended. We process our honey using a single filter and settling in stainless steel tanks to leave as much pollen as possible in the honey. No heat, not even a hot knife for capping removal, is used in the process to preserve all the goodness the bees added. Nor do we use mechanical pumps that can introduce more air into the honey or break down certain aspects of the honey. All our honey is hand packaged.

Turning Creek Artisans’ tradition is to produce all natural honey. What this means to you is, our hives use only natural products to manage harmful pests and pathogens without introducing harsh chemicals into the hives.

Turning Creek Honey Bears Bob is a certified Journeyman beekeeper, respected published writer, and an active member of the Georgia Beekeepers, Mountain Beekeepers and the Northeastern Mountain Georgia Beekeepers Associations.

Come see us at Simply Homegrown: A Farmers' Market on Saturday at the Covered Bridge Shopping Plaza.